Thursday, July 12, 2012

Musings and Mission Statements.

Welcome one and all to Mindshackled Musings. My name is Jase, although I go by many names while upon the interwebs. For my blogging activities I will be using the handle 'Nemesor Sombrero'. I chose that particular handle because I feel it really get's my intended tone across, I chose Nemesor because it carries a weight of authority and badassery, anyone named Nemesor must be a bad ass, I also like it because I'm a big fan of all things Necron and I wanted to show that through my handle. I chose Sombrero in order to set my tone and point out that all my posts will be for the most part lighthearted with a sense of humor.

So that is all well and good I suppose, but I'm sure your probably wondering a little bit more about who I am and why you should care about what I have to write. I've been playing Warhammer 40k since 2006, although I didn't become active in the local tournament scene until 2009. I've been a semi-active member of the BoLS community here and there for numerous years under the handles 'Jenn' on the lounge and 'Nextjenn' while commenting on posts. I even had a previous blog back in the day called The Next Jenn.

So at this point you may be wondering why I used to go by Jenn if I'm a guy named Jase. Despite what you may think, its not for the same reason most guys post as females on forums/ play as female characters on MMOs. I didn't do it because I thought I would gain more attention if people thought I was female, I did so because at the time my legal name was Jenn. I am what people in the LGBT community call 'genderqueer'. What this means is that I have trouble identifying as either male or female, neither is quite a good fit. I was raised as a male but was always feeling like something didn't quite work for me, I believed that I must be transgender and therefore underwent medical treatment and hormone replacement therapy and made the transition to become a woman. But after years of living as a woman I realized that I wasn't exactly happy that way and with a little outside influence I decided to revert back to presenting as a male, this decision has more to do with the legal and medical drawbacks of being transgender than anything. But all of that really isn't important. Your not here to read about my personal details, this will most likely be one of the last times I bring it up in my blog unless somehow it becomes relevant to a post later.

Mission Statement
Now that we have our introductions and history lesson out of the way, let me talk about what I will be writing about and what my plans for this blog are in the long run. With the advent of 6th edition my interest in Warhammer 40k has been greatly reinvigorated, I have a lot of thoughts and ideas and things boiling in my brain and I need a place to spew them forth. At the beginning my posts will be exclusively about Warhammer 40k, but going forward as my interest in 40k loses steam and I start returning to my other love, Warmahordes, I will be posting here and there about that game as well. I also will be posting about Malifaux and other games from time to time as well. My last blog was very free form and unstructured, I would often post many times a day with no real thought towards organization and no will to spread out my posts to last longer. I burnt myself out quickly because I would often use up content early and not leave anything for later. My other fault was that I never edited my posts, so they often ended up incoherent and not well thought out. With this in mind I decided that this blog is going to follow a very specific structure in order to force myself to save content and edit in order to put out the best quality production that I can bring to bear. As a result this blog will feature two kinds of posts from me: Content posts and game reports. I will aim to be doing content posts twice a week. I will attempt to spread them out as evenly as possible and I will eventually lock them into a set day once I get my schedule and turnaround time figured out. Content posts will be edited and redrafted, they will include pictures and other visual aids, they will be of the highest quality that I can put out. Game reports will be an entirely different beast altogether. Since the beginning of sixth edition I have been keeping track of every single game I have played by posting a game report on facebook. Of course these reports have been annoying the hell out of my non-40k friends and so I decided it was time for me to move them over this blog in order to give them a proper home where others can appreciate them without annoying those who won't. Game reports are not full battle reports, they are quick and dirty and just point out the highlights of my games. They will not be edited beyond the initial re-read and will follow a pretty simple structure. I will open each post by reporting who I was playing, what army they were playing and what variation of my list I brought against them. From there I will post the highlights of the game and whatever else I feel merits reporting, finally I will close each post with the running tally of my Win-Loss-Draw ratio with that army as of the release of 6th.

That's all folks!
That's it for my introduction post, welcome to Mindshackled Musings and I hope you enjoy your stay! Any feedback/ comments are greatly appreciated.

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