Friday, July 20, 2012

Game Report 13: Daemon Rematch

Today I faced off once again against Caleb and his beautiful Daemon army. Caleb's primary focus is as a hobby player and as such usually brings slightly fluffier lists with all the trimmings such as units in holy numbers wherever possible. I usually have a ton of fun playing against him and he often makes pretty ballsy moves that definitely ramp up the fun factor and when they succeed they often put me in a pretty tight spot. Anyway here's the report for you:
Opponent: Caleb Twitchell
His list: Chaos Daemons w/ Chaos Marine detachment: A bloodthirster, two small squads of plaguebearers, a unit of 4 flamers, two daemon princes of Nurgle w/ wings and a unit of Bloodcrushers. A terminator lord w/ mark of nurgle, chainfist. Havocs w/ Icon of Nurgle, 3 assault cannons, 1 lascannon. Plague Marines w/ plasma & flamer
Mission: The Scouring, Hammer and Anvil deployment. 
Highlights: The mission was in my favor on this one. I had both of the three vp objectives and one of the 2vp objectives in my deployment zone, while he had the 4 and 1 deep in his and the other 2vp one was roughly midfield. This allowed me to castle further back and forced him to come to me. His havocs and plague marines deployed by his objectives. about 36" away from my forces and they camped there for the entire game, allowing me to control pretty well what they were able to shoot at. He ended up rolling his unfavored half for his Daemon wave: One Daemon prince of nurgle, the bloodcrushers and one unit of plaguebearers. The plaguebearers deep struck in to claim the 1vp objective and the bloodcrushers and Daemon prince deployed midfield. I pushed the blood crushers back with lash so I only had to deal with the daemon prince this turn and managed to torrent him down handily. The rest of his army came in turn 2, the other prince and bloodthirster dropping in behind my lines and the flamers landing right next to the wraiths in position to get 10 flamer hits or so. One wraith fell to the flamers and the D. lord managed to fail a Look out Sir! roll dropping him down a wound. On my next turn the wraiths charged in to the flamers, wiping them easily but resulting in another lost wound on the D. lord due to overwatch. I I also was able to torrent down the bloodthirster and take out most of the Daemon Prince's wounds while lashing him into position where if he continued to swoop he would have to fly off the board forcing him to have to glide in and leaving him only the plague marines in charge range. The next turn the bloodcrushers made it into the wraiths, while the Prince charged my plague marines... Dying to plasma overwatch. From here on I was on cleanup duty, the wraiths slowly chipped away at bloodcrushers before moving on to claim the middle objective and seal victory. 
MVP Moment: Managing to take down the Daemon prince with plasma overwatch was a decisive moment in the game, if I hadnt I probably would have lost the plague marine squad quickly and the prince would have been able to wreak havoc on my back lines from there. 
Result: Win, WLD record: 10-1-2. 
This was a fun game for us, it wasn't really meant to be a real competitive game overall and we both did some risky moves just to see what would happen. Anyway tune in tomorrow for (hopefully) another game report, and as always, thanks for reading. 


  1. absolutely brilliant, i keep checking back nearly daily to see what else has come up. the reports are always a pleasure to read!

  2. Good to hear! I've taken a slight break from the game to avoid burnout, but Ill be back with more soon. Thanks for reading and let me know if there is anything you would like to see.