Tuesday, July 24, 2012

List Update: 1850 Mechron Hybrid

After 15 games of playtesting I think its time to shift my thinking a bit. With the advent of 6th I was very firm in my belief that royal courts were a point sink and that I would benefit more from having more bodies on the table then I would from having a few expensive units with better guns. But I'm starting to see how having that little extra oomph in the units might actually go a ways towards increasing the combat effectiveness in my army. So with my experience over the past couple weeks and some insight from the interwebs I've developed a new list. Check it out after the jump.

Necrons 1849
HQ: 300
Overlord: 160
-Warscythe, Phase shifter, Sempiternal Weave

Destroyer Lord: 140
-Sempiternal Weave

Royal Court: 110
2x Harbinger of the storm: 25ea
Harbinger of Despair: 60
-Veil of Darkness

TROOP: 964
(2x) 9 Warriors: 232ea (464)
-Ghost Ark

10 Warriors: 230

10 Tesla Immortals: 270

FAST: 205
5x Wraiths: 205
-3 Whipcoils

HEAVY: 270
(3x) Annihilation Barge: 90ea (270)

The most apparent thing you might notice when reading over this list compared to my previous lists is that I dropped chaos contingent altogether. I think I was just overly attached with the idea of having lash to help keep my opponents under control. As it turned out, its a lot harder to get lash off these days, and besides I already have plenty of tough to kill models for holding objectives so the plague marines weren't really needed, although the plasma was nice. So with an extra 355 points to spend I was able to greatly improve my core army.

Lets get the easy things out of the way, the wraiths and Annihilation barges are auto-include for me. Annihilation barges are one of the best land to air weapons platforms in the game and are tough as nails and great for taking down vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Wraiths are also essential for this list since they are amazing counter assault/ tarpit units. They also steamroll non assault units in close combat. This leads me to the Destroyer lord, he does a fantastic job of being a bullet magnet, wound dispenser for the wraiths and vastly increase their survivability until they get into combat. Once there the boost that preferred enemy provides cannot be denied, so he definitely earns his spot in my list. I did drop mindshackle from him though, while it is nice, the list was a little tight on points and something had to give... And since it only works half the time anyway, I felt thats where the points were gonna have to give. Next up we have the overlord, while Obyron's ghost mantle is amazing and his cleaving counterblow can be devastating, he's just too fragile in close combat and he's too vulnerable to ap2 weaponry. So I traded him out for a basic overlord with phase shifter in order to add a little resilience for challenges. This also unlocks the royal court for me which also gives me a little bit more list building flexibility. As for troops I went with 4 selections due to the objective heavy nature of 6th. The two units of warriors in arks will each be led by harbingers of the storm, these units are just for sitting on objectives and shooting anything that comes near, the harbingers of the storm give them a little oomph for anti tank and anti air in particular, which is something that is desperately needed since 3 other tournament players in the area are going to be running very flier heavy lists. The other warrior squad is my flexibility unit, I can either deploy them in order to castle up against an assault heavy army or I can have them come in via nightscythe in order to provide some forward offense against a castling army. Either way they get a harbinger of Despair with veil in order to provide mobility and late game objective claiming ability. Finally we have the immortal squad with tesla weaponry, they will be my forward objective claiming unit and the overlord will attach to them. They will more often than not come in via nightscythe and insert wherever needed.

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