Sunday, July 15, 2012

Game Report 11: The buggening

Today I offered Kriston (from games 10 and 3) a rematch since yesterday's game went so one sided. He decided to bring his tyranids instead of his Grey Knights or Dark Eldar. Which is great for me because my list doesn't have a good answer for monstrous creature spam so I need to get some games in and prepare. And so it began... 
Opponent: Kriston Broxson, playing Tyranids
My list: No Court Mechrons, W/ Chaos support: My go to list, no changes for this game
His list: The buggening: 2 Flying Tyrants, both with biomancy. 2 Tervigons w/ all the trimmings. A Tyrannofex w/ the big gun. 4 Hive guard, 2 venomthropes, two 20 man gargoyle squads, two 10 man gaunt squads, 5 Raveners. 
Mission: The Scouring, Vanguard Strike deployment. 
Highlights: Kriston  had first turn and deployed in a relatively aggressive formation, which was good because I ended up with the 4vp, one 3vp and one 2vp objectives in my deployment zone and he needed to overwhelm my lines to win. I deployed all my vehicles at least 31" away from hive guard and most in cover from the Tfex to minimize his first turn shooting. I also deployed the wraithwing and Daemon prince on my far right flank in order to take advantage of his flyrants both being on the opposite flank. He did the typical push forward that tyranids are known for and flew his tyrants right up in face in order to draw fire... Which they did. Once again his dice were against him and I managed to take out both flyrants turn one as well as the majority of the gargoyles on the left flank. Meanwhile the lash prince attempted to push back the raveners but failed miserably and the Wraiths managed to fail their 5" charge into the gargoyles, leaving me vulnerable on my right. 

The raveners made it into my plague marines and dealt some damage. He tried capitalizing on my failed charge but didn't really manage to do any substantial damage to the wraiths before he charged into them with the gargoyles... Unfortunately for him my dice were hot with the wraith attacks and I managed to take out most of the unit. He ended up overwhelming my core from the left flank/ mid and things were looking dire... Until I managed to finally take down his Tervigon which ended up killing many gaunts and collapsing his Synapse network. The game ended with me controlling 6 objective vps, 3 vps from wiping out his fast attacks and 2vps from slay the warlord and first blood. He had 4 objective vps and 1vp from killing the wraiths.
MVP Moment: Managing to take out both Flyrants turn one was huge for me, if either had survived I'm almost completely sure I would have lost the game. I realize, my list is very vulnerable to high initiative monstrous creatures, this is something I need to consider remedying. 
Result: Hard Fought Victory, WLD record: 9-1-1, 9 game winning streak.

Tomorrow I will be getting another game in, it will either be against Kriston's Salamanders or Ben's Necrons. Either game should be very exciting. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

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