Monday, July 16, 2012

Game Report 12: Toasted

Today I finally played against Necrons. This was my first 'mirror match' of 6th edition so it was nice to see how the other side has been faring. It was also my first game against an army with any large quantity of flying vehicles so it was definitely a learning experience. 

Opponent: Ben Witt, playing Necron Air Superiority.
My list: No Court Mechrons, W/ Chaos support: My go to list, no changes for this game.
His list: Flying Toasters: Necron lord w/ Scythe, orb, phase shifter, MSS leading 15 warriors on foot. 5 Tomb blades w/ Tesla Carbines. 10 Deathmarks lead by a lord w/ staff of light, orb, phase shifter. 2 Doom Scythes. 2 units of 14 warriors led by lords w/ scythes, orbs, and phase shifters in Night Scythes. 
Mission: The Emperor's will, Dawn of War deployment. 
Highlights: It was interesting playing a necron player who had almost the exact opposite army then I play. I will admit that I suddenly have a lot more respect for the power of a phase shifter, after he shot down my wraiths there was no real safe target for my destroyer lord to assault. Ultimately he ended up tying up the 15 man warrior blob led by the overlord for the latter half of the game despite the incredible likelihood of his death due to the overlord challenging him with 3 re-rolls. Once again the Daemon prince failed to do anything of note... which is leading me to think that it might be worth dropping the Chaos contingent all together. Both of his doom scythes and one night scythe came in on turn 2, but failed to do any real lasting damage of note, I planned ahead and spread out my models to minimize any potential damage, but grouped up my wraiths in order to make them a tempting target in order to bait the doom scythes into going after them... Which payed off brilliantly allowing my Annihilation barges to shoot both of the doom scythes out of the sky handily. the nightscythe survived a little longer allowing it to drop it's payload right by my objective and for the warriors inside to take out one of my arks before I finally disabled the scythe. It took me a couple painful turns to finally remove the warriors in my deployment zone before I could finally push into his... The second night scythe came in and dropped another block of warriors between his objective and mine so I had to fight through them too before I could get to his home base. Unfortunately it proved just enough and he stalled me long enough that I couldn't get to it before the close of turn 5, and the game ended. He got 4 vps for his objective and first blood, where I got 4 for linebreaker and my objective. The game ended in a tie. If the game had continued I would have overwhelmed his objective with shear numbers. 

MVP Moment: There is something incredibly amusing about a destroyer lord and an overlord continuously mindshackling eachother... that was the only thing that really saved my destroyer lord though, if he had been luckier and rolled more than 1 or 2 attacks when he mindshackled me I would have lost the game. 
Result: Tie, WLD record: 9-1-2, Winning Streak broken at 9.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to get a rematch with Ben, he's gonna add more fliers to his list and I'm gonna try dropping my chaos contingent... It should certainly be interesting, stay tuned!

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