Saturday, July 21, 2012

Game Report 14: Insanity Wolves

It was looking like I wasn't going to be able to get a game in today, until at the last minute I convinced one of the owner's of my local game store, Bryan, that he should play me a game. We kind of fast tracked this one so I could leave for work on time, and boy howdy this was an intense game..

Opponent: Bryan Butler, Co-owner of The Gamer's Haven Spokane
His list: Space wolves w/ wolfstar. I don't know the Space Wolves codex super well so I honestly can't be too specific on the list. But from what I remember he was running: A Th/SS wolf lord on wolf. A rune priest on bike w/ misfortune, precognition. The Space wolf equivalent to a chaplain on bike. Assorted Thunderwolves, forming a deathstar with the characters. 3 units of grey hunters in rhinos, two missile spam long fang squads. 
Mission: The Relic, Hammer and Anvil deployment. 
Highlights: Bryan was my opponent for game 9, and he has been following my exploits a fair bit since 6th dropped. He knew full well what he was walking into when we rolled up against eachother and he was prepared. He claimed first turn, threw precognition on his rune priest and ran the Wolfstar right up the middle to cover the relic. He rolled the warlord trait that creates a 12" bubble of move through cover on his wolf lord which allowed him to move two of his rhinos up to flank the wolfstar essentially forcing me to remain in his front arc and have to wound against the 2+ save rune priest (who was re-rolling due to precognition). I made a very major play mistake on my first turn by using the wraiths to attempt to surround one of the rhinos and trap the guys inside instead of intercepting the wolfstar as they should have. I managed to do very little damage to the wolfstar with shooting (as expected) but I took out the rhino on my right flank  and killed a couple of the marines inside with my plague marines. The wraiths wiffed their charge roll and left a gap for the grey hunters to deploy safely out to after they shredded the rhino. Then tragedy struck. The wolfstar bypassed my front line and went straight for my ghost arks, taking both out in a single multi-assault, taking out two warriors in the explosion. The rune priest cast misfortune on the wraith star then lit it up, taking out three of them with subsequent shooting from the grey hunters that were in the rhino the wraiths blew up as well as the long fangs. The grey hunters on my right flank charged into my plague marines and were tied up for the remainder of the game. In my turn two I tried bringing down the wolfstar with shooting but only managed to kill a couple, but I did happen to take down the rune priest. With only three thunderwolves and the wolf lord left I charged into them with my D. lord and two wraiths in the hope of tying them up and saving my warriors... But Misfortune did it's job and he managed to dispatch the remainder of the wraithstar in a single round of combat without a single casualty of his own. The wolf lord split off from the thunderwolves and took out a unit of warriors, the thunderwolves charged the  other warriors and wiped them out as well, they eventually fell to annihilation barge fire while the wolf lord joined the combat with the plague marines. Obyron and his squad split ways as well, the warriors lit up the grey hunters that the wraiths left behind while Obyron moved over to take the other 10 man squad on solo. Obyron took out 8 of the grey hunters in the first round of combat due to cleaving counterblow and finished off the rest in the second before moving on and taking out all the grey hunters that were locked in with the warriors. The game ended with his squad running as fast as possible to grab the objective that up  until this point had remained completely untouched unfortunately the game ended on turn 5 before I was able to pick it up, Bryan had line breaker and slay the warlord to my first blood, his win. 
MVP Moment: There were two pretty epic moments this game, the first was a very decisive one, losing my wraiths in a single round of combat instead of tying up the wolf star for at least a turn went a long way towards keeping me from being able to take the objective. The most bad ass moment by far however was when Obyron dodged and weaved, surviving 30+ attacks from the grey hunters without taking a single wound, then in a single bloody swing of his scythe he cut down 8 marines forcing the survivors to retreat and then catching them as they ran preventing them from being able to shoot him down in Bryan's turn. 
Result: Loss, WLD record: 10-2-2. 

This was an epic game, and it gave me a lot of respect for the new psychic powers fersure. Misfortune is a great tool for taking down deathstars, and precognition is also amazing for a tanking caster as well. I love the new cinematic style to the new rules and for the first time ever since I've started playing 40k Im actually thinking about how the battles are playing, I can actually envision Obyron going all jedi, deflecting blows and waiting for the perfect moment to just level the marines around him and its going a long way towards making me want to play more and more 40k to see what other crazy situations come up. I am absolutely in love with 6th edition!

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  1. Sounds like a fun game, and I have to agree, the new edition really added a lot to the game. Things have changed mostly for the better, and the games are more awesome than ever.