Thursday, July 19, 2012

List update: Necrons with Chaos Attachment

So today I figure it's time for me to introduce a new kind of article I'll be bringing to MSS going forward. From time to time I'm going to bring forward a new list or idea I want to try out, when I do so I will be posting an article with the list and a brief description of each unit and it's purpose. Going forward as I post game reports, instead of giving a simple summary or having to reference lists from previous battle reports I will simply provide a link to the list in question then detail any changes from the list provided in the link. This will allow for me to provide more information on any game report without bogging any readers down in minutia they may already know of/ don't care about. So without further adieu: My updated Necron list w/ Chaos Marine Support.
Necron Detachment: 1495

HQ: 320
(W) Destroyer Lord: 160
 +Mindshackle Scarabs, Sempiternal Weave, Warscythe
Vargard Obyron: 160 
15 Warriors: 195
(2x) 10 Warriors: 245ea (490)
+Ghost Ark
FAST: 220
5 Wraiths: 220
+4 Whipcoils, 1 Particle Beamer
HEAVY: 270
(3x) Annihilation Barge: 90ea (270)
Chaos Marine Detachment: 354
HQ: 140
Chaos Sorceror: 140
+Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission , Terminator Armor, Force Maul
8 Plague Marines: 214
+2 Plasma guns
TOTAL: 1849

This is my go to tournament list for the time being. Obyron attaches to the 15 warriors who are on foot,  Destroyer Lord (who is the warlord) attaches to the wraiths, and the Sorceror attaches to the plague marines. The basic idea is to castle up in my deployment zone trying to spread out as much as possible on to whatever objectives I have. I try and leave my Warrior blob somewhere relatively 'careless' with many models sitting outside of cover in order to tempt my opponent into shooting at them instead of my other units. Between reanimation protocols and the ghost arks the idea is to encourage my opponent to waste anti infantry fire that they could be using to deal take care of more dangerous units. The wraithstar's has a number of potential roles depending on my opponent's army. If the enemy has brought a deathstar of their own the wraiths move out to intercept it and tie it up for the entire game, if the enemy is also castling the wraithstar moves forward to disrupt their line. Otherwise they act as a distraction unit/ countercharge unit as needed. The chaos contingent is here because the list has an inherent weakness against other armies that are castling up and making use of 2+ cover saves. Their job also changes depending on the enemies army. Against an in your face all assault army they are there to stagger the enemy forces hopefully making it so I only have to deal with one enemy in my face at a time. Really they are just a problem solver unit, the plasma also patches up a weakness against monstrous creatures that I seem to have. The annihilation barges are here because they are amazing and are a bit of a swiss army knife unit, they are amazing anti-air and can take down anything short of a landraider (which my wraithstar/ rest of my army can handle with ease). Finally the ghost arks are here to provide a mobile platform for my warriors to fire from as well as late game mobility if I have to spread out to claim objectives. They usually sit in the back and repair any casualties the warrior blob may incur. Mid-Late game Obyron's unit eventually veils out to go contest/ claim enemy objectives or wreak havoc as necessary. 
Why the Change?
This is very similar to my list from before but with a few minor but important changes. Before the chaos contingent was a Daemon prince with lash and wings, and the plague marine squad, which was only 5 strong and had a champion w/ fist and combi-plas. The Prince was consistently being shot down early and rarely being able to get lash off because of it, which is problematic because lash is much more important late game when it comes time to fight for objectives. Meanwhile the champ was often turned into a chump due to being challenged in combat against high initiative ap3+ weaponry, so he often didn't even get to use his fist. Finally, the plague marines were relatively easy kill points due to being only 5 strong. So I dropped the champ and prince and replaced them with three more plague marines to make the unit more survivable and a terminator sorceror. By attaching the sorceror to the squad and placing him up front I will be able to move incoming shots to the unit in a way to make both units much much more survivable and thus more useful. The sorceror can eat incoming bolter fire with his 2+ save, while incoming plasma shots and the like  can be thrown back on to a plague marine who is in cover giving me a 4+/5+ cover save and a 5+ feel no pain instead of the 5+ cover I would otherwise get. Not to mention the plague marine squad grants the sorcerer fearless, and defensive grenades, which is never a bad thing. 

Anyway my break is over for now, look forward to game report 13 tonight and thanks for reading!

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