Saturday, July 14, 2012

Game Report 10: Worst case scenario

Today was game 10 against our 'local' 2011 'Ard boys regional champion, Kriston Broxson (whose Dark eldar I played in game three). I told him to bring a tough list against me And so he brought his revised Draigowing paladin list. The following is what occured:
Opponent: Kriston Broxson, playing Draigowing (Grey Knights)
My list: No Court Mechrons, W/ Chaos support: My go to list, no changes for this game
His list: Draigowing: 3 units of 5 paladins, each had 2 Master crafted psycannons, a mastercrafted Hammer and other various equipment... The squad Draigo was leading also had an apothecary. He also had two dreadknights each with a teleporter, flamestorm cannon (think that's what it is called) and a sword. 
Mission: Big guns never tire (my personal favorite mission), Dawn of War deployment
Highlights: This game was ridiculous. I think we set a record for the number of times one of us has said fuck in regards to a game before. He got first turn and moved the dreadknights in position to light up my foot warriors squad with their cannons, netting 0 casualties thanks to repair barges, obyron intercepting wounds and reanimation protocols. His dreadknights then faced a full salvo from my army and he failed a large number of saves and both were reduced to 1 wound each. I assaulted one with my Wraithstar, downing it easily but the other survived to move in and take out my plague marines after a couple turns. My daemon prince should have easily taken out the remaining Dreadknight but unfortunately he wiffed his attacks and was taken out easily. The wraithstar tied up a unit of paladins for the entirety of the game and was in position to wipe them out on my turn 5, the other non-draigo paladin squad wreaked havoc on my right flank, taking out a ghost ark, an annihilation barge and most of obyron's unit until I managed to finally whittle them away and lock them in with Obyron, he was in position to take out the last of that squad turn 5 as well. Draigo's unit took my left flank and did some serious damage to the vehicles on that side, destroying one barge and bringing down the shields of the ark and the other barge. He was in position to collapse my entire left flank if the game went to 6 because I didn't have enough firepower to really put a dent in his fighting strength... But somehow his dice failed him miserable in my turn 5 shooting phase... I was able to take out the entire squad with only one annihilation barge and 35 bolter shots he rolled an ungodly number of ones this turn. We went ahead and called it in the middle of my turn 5, him only having two paladins left that had to survive challenges with my HQs.

MVP Moment: Kriston's dice were definitely against him on this game... At one point he failed 3 out of 4 2+ saves on Draigo... It was just ridiculous, a rematch is definitely necessary. 
Result: Dice Victory, WLD record: 8-1-1, 8 game winning streak.

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