Friday, July 13, 2012

Game Reports 5-9: I'm on a roll

I managed to get a game in today so I figured I would go ahead and wrap game 9 into the games 1-8 overview. Anyway time for the report:

Game 5: 1500
Opponent: Michael, playing Chaos marines
My list: No Court Mechrons: 15 Necron warriors led by Obyron, two units of 10 warriors in arks, a unit of 5 wraiths (all w/ whipcoils) led by a D. Lord w/ weave, MSS, 3 Annihilation barges.
His list: Something chaotic: Lucius leading a unit of Chosen in a land raider (outflanking), Havoc squad w/ lascannons, Basic chaos marines on foot led by Chaos sorceror with psychic shriek and one other power (can't recall), Chaos marines w/ double melta in a rhino w/havoc launcher.
Mission: Roll dice and Tie, Hammer and Anvil deployment
Highlights: This was a very decisive game, he sent his double melta marines right at me without support so I disabled them easily, meanwhile I had my wraiths sneak back to his Havocs/ marines on foot he had them in an armour 10 building which I assualted and shook the everling daylights out of, killing many many marines in the process. It wasnt until turn three when Lucius and co. came on to my board by my objective... In range of 35 warriors, 2 ghost arks and three annihilation barges, most everything was in double tap range... He concded before I was able to table him on turn 4
MVP Moment: The Wraiths absolutely destroyed the building his marines were hiding in, killing most in the collapse.
Result: Decisive victory, WLD record: 3-1-1

Game 6: 2000
Opponent: Jay Prickett, playing Deathwing (Dark Angels)
My list: No Court Mechrons deluxe (two detachments): Detachment 1: Obyron, leading a unit of 10 tesla immortals, 15 warriors, a monolith, 2 annihilation barges. Detachment 2: D. Lord w/ weave, mss, tachyon arrow (eww, I know I had points to blow and its hard to fill points when you have no court), 2 units of 10 warriors in arks, 2 annihilation barges, 6 wraiths w/ 5 coils and one beamer. 
His list: Terminator spam: ~6 units of 5 terminators w/ missile launchers, Belial, Ezekial, 3 ravenwing support landspeeders.
Mission: Crusade (3 objectives), Vanguard strike deployment
Highlights: A tough game against a tough opponent. Jay is a very competent player, unfortunately for him he was having quite a difficult time taking down any of my vehicles with his missile launchers. He was being very conservative with his deep strikes which I feel ultimately costed him the game. I managed to hold my own objective and my immortals were in position to take his while my wraiths contested the center objective,  the outcome was clear and we called the game at the top of turn 5.
MVP Moment: The Wraithstar was by far the all star of this game. I got very lucky against Belial and managed to down him in the challenge between him and the destroyer lord. After that the wraiths cleaned up Belial's retinue, then proceeded across the board to take out 3 more units of terminators (that had been weakened by shooting). Also I managed to use the Monolith's portal to suck in 3 terminators one round, this bit of bad luck definitely helped the wraiths conquest across the board.
Result: Hard Fought victory, WLD record: 4-1-1, 4 game winning streak

Game 7: 2000
Opponent: Mekel Strahan, playing Thousand Sons with Daemon Support
My list: No Court Mechrons deluxe: Same list I played with against Jay, played this game immediately after my game with Jay. 
His list: Mechanized thousand sons with Fateweaver Support: 3 units of thousand sons, Daemon prince of tzeentch, 5 Obliterators, Fateweaver, 2 units of Horrors w/ bolt.
Mission: Emperor's Will, Dawn of War deployment
Highlights: This was a fairly quick game, I managed to take out fateweaver turn one, I dispatched his daemon prince during his second turn with my wraithstar then they moved in to start picking apart his thousand sons. His obliterators/ horrors failed to really do anything to my vehicles so my Annihilation barges had free reign to tear up his army one unit at a time.
MVP Moment: The very first shot of the game was one of my Ghost Arks firing a gauss flayer array into Fateweaver at max range, managing to wound him and he failed his leadership test, fleeing off the board.
Result: Quick Victory, WLD record: 5-1-1, 5 game winning streak

Game 8: 1875
Opponent: Rachel Locke, playing Tyranids
My list: No Court Mechrons, W/ Chaos support: I used my basic No Court Mechron list (as seen against Michael) But augmented them with A Chaos Marines allied detachment of: Winged lash prince, 5 plague marines w/ 2 plasma guns, and an obliterator.
Her list: Nids! Feat. Swarmlord: The swarmlord leading 3 tyrant guard, a Tervigon, 30 hormagaunts, 8 genestealers, doom in a pod, 3 zoanthropes in a pod, a trygon prime, 3 hive guard... Probably something else. 
Mission: Emperor's Will, Dawn of War deployment
Highlights: First things first: Giving the Swarmlord biomancy is the best idea ever. She had him upkeeping both iron arm and endurance for the entirety of the game and he had the wraithstar locked in combat from turn 2 until the game ended with no side giving any real ground. Meanwhile the lash prince handled the gaunts and genestealers pretty much solo while the rest of my army took hers apart a piece at a time. Unfortunately for her the Trygon Prime didnt come in with the rest of her reserves and so I was able to despatch the doom, zoanthropes and genestealers before having to focus down the trygon which allowed me to take the victory.
MVP Moment: The Tervigon rolled 1-1-4 for her first birthing roll, giving me a huge break and taking pressure off my anti-infantry weaponry allowing me more freedom to focus fire the Trygon safely.
Result: Drawn out but decisive victory, WLD record: 6-1-1, 6 game winning streak

Game 9: 1850
Opponent: Bryan Butler, playing Space Wolves
My list: No Court Mechrons, W/ Chaos support: Same list that I brought against Rachel, except I dropped the Obliterator in order to upgrade one of the plague marines to a champion w/ a fist and a combi-plasma
His list: Foot Wolves w/ Wolfstar: 5 Thunderwolves led by a rune priest on a bike and a TH/SS wolf lord, 3 units of grey hunters 2 w/ double melta, 1 w/ double plasma, one unit had a rune priest leading the way, two units of long fangs one with 2 las cannons and 3  heavy bolters, the other spamming missile launchers. 
Mission: Emperor's Will, Vangaurd Strike deployment
Highlights: For some reason I keep getting Emperor's Will for my missions, we tried re-rolling the mission twice... It kepy coming up Emperor's Will... I guess they werent kidding when they named the mission. We both began the game playing conservatively Wraithstar and Wolfstar dancing around eachother while he snuck units of grey hunters around both of my flanks.  The wolfstar was beginning to take some wounds so eventually he broke out of the dance and moved up the Wolfstar to go for a long charge into my warriors, failing it. This left the wolfstar in double tap range and I ended up Throwing 90 bolter shots, 6 plasma shots and two annihilation barges worth of shooting into them... leaving only the wolf lord for wraithstar to chew through. With his deathstar gone my wraiths had free reign to move in on his backfield while the warrior blob veiled over to support in wiping his longfangs and backfield grey hunters off the board.
MVP Moment: If the Wolfstar would have made the charge it is entirely likely that I may have lost this game... As it turned out however I was able to fire my entire army into his unit, crippling them.
Result: Victory, WLD record: 7-1-1, 7 game winning streak.

As it stands my Necrons are starting to earn a name for themselves, with a few players determined to break the winning streak... Time will tell how long it will last, but for right now Im enjoying the hell out of 6th edition. I'm very happy with GW right now and I can't wait to see what they have around the corner. For now this is the nemesor signing off look forward to my first content post coming soon. My first one will be about the amazing swiss army knife that is the Annihilation barge. Thanks for reading!

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