Thursday, July 12, 2012

Game Report: Games 1-4

So far, I have played a grand total of 8 games of 6th edition. In order to get the ball rolling I'm going to go ahead and post abbreviated game reports for these first 8 games. Starting today with my first 4 games and finishing tomorrow with the next 4. After these initial 8 I will be making longer more detailed posts but I just wanted to get the first 8 out quickly. So enjoy the first 4 and tune in tomorrow for the next batch.

Game 1: 1500
Opponent: Brant Zwick, playing Crimson Fists (C:SM)
My list: Necron Grab Bag: Anrakyr in a barge, warriors in an ark, immortals w/ veiltek, destroyers, wraiths, scarabs, a spyder, and a couple annihilation barges for good measure.
Highlights: This was both of our first games of 6th edition, neither of us really knew the rules, both of us forgot about secondary objectives. This game was part of a two day tournament held to celebrate the end of 5th and beginning of 6th, day one (the day the 6th came out) we all played 5th, day two we all played 6th with the same army. Long story short I had no idea what I was doing and he managed to hold his two objectives while I only got the one on my side of the table.
MVP Moment: Moving Anrakyr's command barge 17 inches away from his landraider full of TH/SS terminators thinking it would be relatively safe because it moved flat out... Facepalming minutes later.
Result: Horrible Loss, WLD record: 0-1-0

Game 2: 1500

Opponent: Jack Knerr, playing Space Wolves
My list: Necron Grab Bag: (same as game 1, same tournament)
Highlights: I finally got my head out of my ass for this game and played smarter. It was Hammer and Anvil deployment, kill points mission. I got a much stronger lead on this game, I dealt some massive shooting damage to his footslogging portion of his army and took out both of his Rhinos with ease. He outflanked some melta scouts which managed to down my spyder, then moved on to my Ghost ark, getting off a long assault and shredding it with melta bombs. My wraiths ended up tying up three of his units for most of the game... which resulted in me not being able to shoot anything with any great effect and ultimately kept me from gaining any more kill points. The game eventually ended in a draw
MVP Moment: Jack opened up on my wraiths with his entire army (with the exception of his scouts) shooting tons of bolters and missiles at them. They didnt take a single wound.
Result: Draw, WLD record: 0-1-1

Game 3: 1850

Opponent: Kriston Broxson, playing Mechanized Dark Eldar
My list: Zahndrekh & Friends: Zahndrekh, Obyron, D. lord w/ weave and MSS, 5 wraiths w/ 3 whipcoils 1 P. Beamer, 3 annihilation barges, 20-man warrior squad led by harbinger of destruction w/ pulse, two 10-man warrior squads in ghost arks, 10-man unit of Tesla Immortals led by a harbinger of transmogrification w/ crucible.
Highlights: Our first game using the terrain deployment rules, set up a very strong defensive line with multiple aegis defense lines in my deployment zone and little else, he set up a city on his side with lots of hiding spots. Deployment was Hammer and Anvil, mission was the scouring. Kriston had horrible luck with his dice and failed to kill any of my vehicles for most of the game, meanwhile I chipped away at his army taking it apart piece by piece. I was able to claim 3 objectives for a total of 8 victory points to his 5 or so.
MVP Moment: Kriston firing double digit dark lances into one annihilation barge... and failing to even glance.
Result: Lucky Win, WLD record: 1-1-1

Game 4: 1500

Opponent: Caleb Twitchell, playing Chaos Daemons
My list: No Court Mechrons: 15 Necron warriors led by Obyron, two units of 10 warriors in arks, a unit of 5 wraiths (all w/ whipcoils) led by a D. Lord w/ weave, MSS, 3 Annihilation barges.
Highlights: Caleb is the local master Daemon player around here... However he hasn't quite adjusted to 6th quite yet. A few play mistakes on his part and an unlucky deep strike for his bloodthirster made this game very decisive. Due to his scattering I was able to pick off his units one by one resulting in me only taking one charge from a dwindled unit of bloodletters which I was able to dispatch with my warriors.
MVP Moment: Double tapping a gauss flayer array into his swooping bloodthirster who scattered right into the face of my army, managing one hit and a failed grounding check. Then had my entire army to light up his poor bloodthirster effectively crippling his first wave.
Result: Decisive Win, WLD record: 2-1-1

Thats it for now, tune in tomorrow for your next batch.

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