Monday, July 23, 2012

Game Report 15: Why, Brother?

Today I got a rematch in against Ben's Necrons. He played with the numbers of his list a bit since last we played and he has gotten it to be very solid. We also talked last game about his play mistakes and he made sure to rectify them masterfully. What follows is record of my most complete defeat since 6th edition...

Opponent: Ben Witt, Fellow Necron enthusiast
His list: Necron Air Superiority: 2x Overlord w/ mss, warscythe, phase shifter, orb. One leading a unit of 10 immortals in a nightscythe, the other leading a unit of 15 warriors on foot. 9 warriors in an ark w/ harbinger of storm. 10 Deathmarks in an nightscythe w/ harbinger of destruction, lord w/ orb, phase shifter. 2 Doomscythes
Mission: The Scouring, Dawn of War deployment
Highlights: Ben was well prepared for this game, and he went into it with a definitive gameplan. He deployed only the warriors on foot and the warriors in the ark to start and despite my best efforts I was unable to take them down through the first couple turns. Both doom scythes and one of his nightscythes came in on turn 2, dropping in the deathmarks right on top of my wraiths and using the doomscythes to take out one my my arks and one of my Annihilation barges. The Death mark squad with help from the harbinger of despair absolutely annihilated the wraith squad too. From there it was all down hill and I was on my back foot, I only managed to take down one of the Doomscythes before losing the rest of my annihilation barges and I was unable to even glance with massed warrior fire. From that point on it was a simple numbers game, he outnumbered me by enough of a margin that I was taking casualties twice as fast as him, it was no contest. The game ended naturally on turn 6, my only model left on the board was a single plague marine and he still had at least half his army and all but one of his fliers. 
MVP Moment: On my turn 3, I disconnected Obyron from the warrior squad with the intention of assaulting the deathmark squad which was down to just 7 or 8 models, having lost the harbinger of despair but retaining the lord. He should have been able to charge into them, taking maybe one or two wounds at most from overwatch before slaughtering them due to charging through cover and being initiative 1 and getting a bazillion swings from cleaving counterblow.... Somehow the Deathmarks managed to achieve 2 rends and 2 wounds with overwatched and shot him dead before he even made it into combat. This gave him a powerful unit in double tapping range of my entire army which allowed him to seal victory handily. The Deathmarks were definitely the all stars of the game. 
Result: Devastating Loss, WLD record: 10-3-2.
It was clear on turn 5 that I had lost the game but I was bound and determined to not let him table me, by some minor miracle my solo plague marine managed to survive an overlord beating on him with a warscythe, I was so proud of him, he stuck it out to the end.

Really this game was eye opening to me, I thought I was sitting in a pretty good position when it came to anti-air, I realize now that I'm a lot more vulnerable then I thought... After playing around with some numbers thinking about ways to include anti air, I've considered everything from lootas to storm ravens I'm begining to think that my best bet may to be just to fight fire with fire and acquire a couple nightscythes myself in order to help keep the flyers at bay... because really, what's better anti-air then a nightscythe... Especially at 100 points. Anyway stay tuned, I think it's time I finally give up on the Chaos contingent and so I've been working on a new list... Keep an eye out for that update.

Oh and Ben, since I know your reading this, Thank you very much for the great game! These last couple losses have really helped me see where my weaknesses are and what I need to do to shore up my list. I look forward to the inevitable rematch this weekend at the tournament.

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  1. It was a good game. I do think you need Flyers Badly. Of course I knew what you where bringing so I knew how and where to cripple your army. I think Deathmarks have earned a little more respect esp with that set up. Annilation Barges are good AA if your opponent isn't used to them. Your list is good. Just drop the damn Chaos Contigent use it on a Skeleton crew of Warrors and a Nightscythe or two. Also Honestly.. Obyron needs Zandrek...I can't spell but those two are bread/butter. Or do my awesome HQ way and make your own 165-225 pts for an overlord that I can make 190-210 and dominate with my own.. Either bring both or none of them.

    This is what I drop on your list:
    1 Annilation Barge
    Chaos Contingent.

    So if my horrid math skills are correct that gives you around 500-650 points.

    What you need:
    Night Scythe 100 pt
    Doom Scythe 175

    Optional adds:
    Deathmarks 95 for 5 or 190 for 10. Rapid Firing Snipers... Rapid fire... <--- I bring these guys before most other elites.
    Lords with Orbs... You need more survavilibility.

    Another thing with my list is I basically prepared it knowing your -isms or habits.

    Also the Chaotic Dice Gods where being far more kinder to me this game.

    Nemesor Guardian