Sunday, September 16, 2012

List Update: 1850 GT Final

At the end of October Gamer's Haven is hosting their GT and I am fully prepared to do my best at not sucking at this thing. It's one thing to win a 20 man tournament, it's an entirely different thing to win a 60 man tournament. I've decided to lock in my list early and play test the ever living shit out of it to ensure that my only excuses for losing at the tournament is bad dice/ no sleep/ the sun in my eyes/ society/ how broke the Chaos Marine codex is/ that I stubbed my toe. Not to mention the need to be fully painted before the tournament so I can maybe actually get some sleep for once before the tournament instead of painting all night... A novel concept I know. Anyway here is the list I am planning on bringing:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Game Reports 27-29

Last week there was a tournament at Merlyn's I was in attendance and didn't do quite as well as I hoped I would... Here's how it all played out...