Thursday, June 26, 2014

Game 9: Out with a bang!

Dane wanted a rematch and seeing as today was the last day of the venerable 4th edition Ork codex we figured we would send it out with a bang! I'm actually I really happy to get one last game in against the 4th edition codex when I did. Conveniently enough my next game will be against Andy's 7th edition Orks so it will be a nice transition. Anyway, here is a quick run down of how the game went:

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Game 8: Rematchish

Aaron challenged me to a rematch last thursday, we decided to play a classic mission since the upcoming feast of blades qualifier will most likely be using them. Here is the run down: 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Game 7: The Iron Curtain

Decided to go down to the Haven for a pick up game against Brandon today. Was a fun one where I got to play a list similar to my usual Necron list, check it out:

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Game 6: Sisters inbound

Game 5: Farsight vs. Sisters w/ extras, 1500 points
Opponent: Aaron
My list: Farsight Drone List
His list: Sisters: 4 meltas +Combi-melta outflanking in an immolator w/ twinlinked melta, Celestine leading a unit of Seraphim, 2 5-girl sisters squads in rhinos w/ flamers, Knight titan (the one with melta cannon), Avenger Strike fighter
Mission: Tactical Escalation
Notes on the game: This was a tough game for me. I took a gamble with the deployment of my Man-o-war stalkers and deployed them forward out of cover but had first turn so they were going to move into cover in a forward position... Unfortunately he seized, allowing him to open up on them first turn and score first blood. I did fight back for most of the game and we were neck and neck for most of it, but I simply lost the war of attrition so he had more scoring units on the table towards the end of the game allowing him to claim more of the all important late game objectives. Both of my riptides survived, but one was tied up in combat with celestine. and you can only do so much with a single riptide jumping around. I called the game after we rolled for it to continue past 5. I drew a hand of objectives I couldn't achieve and I could only discard so many, meanwhile he kept drawing objectives that allowed him to inch his way to vicory. Final score was something like 9 to 12.


WLD: 3-3-0

I think it's time I start playing with my list a little bit and see if I can improve it, we will see... 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Droning On: A Farsight List

At the onset of 7th edition, it was my intention to try out lots of different lists so I could get a feel for the edition. With that in mind, I decided that my game logs would just give you a brief description of whatever list I would be playing so I could churn out game reports without getting bogged down in the details (which is why I ended up burning out on game logs last edition). Welp, it turns out that with Feast of Blades Qualifier, OFCC and The Harvester coming up this year I am going to be needing a lot of practice with my tournament list, which just so happens to be my Tau, so the vast majority of my games will be at least some variation on this list. So for the sake of completeness I decided I would do a quick write up and explanation of what I have taken and why I took it. 

Game 5: Beast Mode

I solicited Kriston for a pick up game this past tuesday for a rematch of our last game. This was my first mistake. Here's the lowdown on how it all played out:

Friday, June 6, 2014

7th edition, games 3 and 4

Another thursday, 2 more games of 40k. I'm still working on getting my fundamentals down so I decided to bring the same list I did last week. Anyway, here is the quick rundown of how they went.