Friday, June 6, 2014

7th edition, games 3 and 4

Another thursday, 2 more games of 40k. I'm still working on getting my fundamentals down so I decided to bring the same list I did last week. Anyway, here is the quick rundown of how they went.

Game 3: Farsight vs. Dark Angels, 1500 points
Opponent: Sean
My list: Farsight tau featuring MSU crisis suits w/ 2 riptides and 2 drone commanders w/ markerlight drones
His list: Plasma for days. 2 devastator squads w/ plasma cannons, a unit of black knights, Ezekial, a librarian on bike, some scouts, some tactical squads. 9 plasma cannons total
Mission: Tactical Escalation 
Notes on the game: I managed to get first turn and the deployment was hammer and anvil so I had a massive advantage. I eliminated all of his plasma cannons before a single one could shoot and used my superior range to my advantage for the entire game. I was able to mitigate the effectiveness of his black knights for the majority of the game. The game was still relatively close towards the end with him slowly chipping away at my army. I decided to try a new strategy since the advent of 7th, I purposefully whittled down his units to just a small handful of guys without wiping them out. That way, once I drew a mission card that required wiping out units I could do so with ease... I just so happened to draw 2 different variants of that mission on the same turn late game that catapulted my score up past the point where he could catch me, thus allowing me to win decisively. 

Game 4: Farsight + Dark Angels vs Spacewolves w/ tau and Legion of the damned allies, 3000 pointsTeam-mate: Sean
Opponent: Kyle
My list: Farsight tau featuring MSU crisis suits w/ 2 riptides and 2 drone commanders w/ markerlight drones.
Sean's list: Ezekial leading a unit of deathwing terminators. 2 land raiders, 2 predators, 2 5-man scout squads

Kyle's list: Puppies + Tau + Legion of the damned: 2 units of legion of the damned, bjorn in a drop pod, grey hunters in a landraider, long fangs, grey hunters in a drop pod, wolf guard terminators in a drop pod, aegis line w/ comms relay, 10 pathfinders, 10 fire warriors, cadre fireblade, riptide, hammerhead
Mission: Cleanse and Control (Maelstrom #1)
Notes on the game: We decided to play a 3000 point game for the hell of it, Sean and I teaming up against Kyle. It was a very long very bloody game and Kyle held the lead for the vast majority of it. In the end we won the war of attrition, slowly pushing Kyle back into his corner allowing Sean and I to spread out and start collecting objectives. My warlord trait (+1 vp if my warlord is the one capping an objective for the 1,2,3-x missions) was largely responsible for us pulling out the victory in the end. A very close game all things considered.

At the end of game 4 my 7th edition Win/Loss/Draw ratio is 3-1-0 Not a bad way to start, let's hope I can keep this up. 

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