Thursday, June 26, 2014

Game 9: Out with a bang!

Dane wanted a rematch and seeing as today was the last day of the venerable 4th edition Ork codex we figured we would send it out with a bang! I'm actually I really happy to get one last game in against the 4th edition codex when I did. Conveniently enough my next game will be against Andy's 7th edition Orks so it will be a nice transition. Anyway, here is a quick run down of how the game went:

Game 9: Farsight vs. Orks
Opponent: Dane L 
My list: Farsight Drone List -3 gun drones -velocity trackers on riptides -5 marker drones + Skyray w/ sensor spines + Commander w/ double plasma, Shield Warscaper Drone
His list: Orks: Warboss w/ klaw leading a Nob unit accompanied by painboy with all sorts of goodies in a trukk, 2-20 man slugga boy sqauds in Battlewagons w/ customary klaw nob. A big blob of Lootas, 2 Dakkajets, and a looted wagon with the str 8 gun (can't remember what its called)
Mission: Contact Lost (Maelstrom of war #2)
Notes on the game: This was a very fun game (games against Dane usually are) I got first turn and got things off to an explosive bang. The first shot fired in the game was my riptide shooting into his battlewagons, managed to get a pen and an explodes result which ended up killing almost half the boys inside. My ECPA riptide didn't do so hot however and failed his 2+ re-rollable gets hot roll to fire his ignores cover blast against the lootas, and unfortunately I didn't have an opportunity to shoot at them again. His first turn resulted in very little happening except him moving up his vehicles/ troops. Turn two was a pretty devastating turn for him, and I was beginning to think that perhaps the Ork codex was starting to show it's age. I managed to take out his battlewagon, half the troops inside, his trukk, and half the nobs. Things were looking pretty grim for him, but then his turn two turned things around in a big way. His dakkajets came on and did some serious damage, while each boy squad and the nob squad all managed to get off successful charges and wipe out their target, resulting in a dead riptide, a dead fusion drone, and my commander being wiped. From there I had to do everything I could not to let him get off any more charges. I Kited as much as possible while dodging loota shots and blasting apart his assault units. 

The game ended up being very bloody in the end, my ECPA riptide killed himself on the final turn (made a risky nova charge decision which back fired, stupid mistake on my part) I ended the game with just a single fusion drone getting line breaker and two burst cannon drones midfield failing to take out his dakkajet, whereas he ended the game with a very beat up boy squad, a dakkajet, and his loota squad

Ultimately he ended up a few objective points ahead of me for a win. He definitely turned the game around on me, if we would have gone on another turn I'm pretty sure he would have tabled me or won by a much wider margin.

Win loss record is now at:

As I stated, my next game will be a learning game against Andy's 7th edition orks. I'm very excited for this game. Since it is a learning game, I think I'm gonna bring either Chaos Marines or Daemons or both, just to get a variety and bring something that is a little more fun to play against. Expect the report on Sunday. 

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