Thursday, May 29, 2014

Reviving the Game Log.

So, it's been a LONG time since the last time I posted here, But since it's a new edition I figure now is as good of time as any. This won't be the same as it was before, more of just a place where I can quickly jot down notes about my games so I can keep track of them again and keep an eye on my W/L/D ratios and whatnot.

Anyway, I got my first two games of 7th in today. The first was against my old protege Dane and the other against my classic buddy Kriston. Here's a quick rundown of how they went.

Game 1: Farsight vs. Orks, 1500 points
Opponent: Dane
My list: Farsight tau featuring MSU crisis suits w/ 2 riptides and 2 drone commanders w/ markerlight drones
His list: Mix'n'match orks. 2 mobs of boyz, a unit of nob bikers, a looted wagon, a deff dread, a dakkajet, 15 lootas
Mission: Cleanse and control (Maelstrom #1)
Notes on the game: My tau are a more tournament minded list, whereas Dane's orks were a list that he came up with on the spot. I managed to get some lucky rolls early and knock out his Nob bikers 1st turn. I got lucky with my mission draws and was up to 11 or so points by the end of the 4th turn. I was able to kite most of his forces most of the game while continuously taking chunks out of the mobs w/ my riptides. Game ended early in my favor.

Game 2: Farsight vs. Eldar, 1500 points
Opponent: Kriston
My list: Farsight tau featuring MSU crisis suits w/ 2 riptides and 2 drone commanders w/ markerlight drones
His list: Eldar goodstuff: 20 man squad of gaurdians behind an adl, 2 10 man squads of avengers in serpents, a nightspinner, a wraithknight, eldrad and a spiritseer.
Mission: Deadlock (Maelstrom #6)
Notes on the game: Both of us started out with subpar missions right off the bat and managed to stay roughly equal in points for most of the game. I went first and managed to nearly wipe out Eldrad's unit right off the bat, killing 18 out of the 20 gaurdians before Eldrad could put up shrouding and invisibility. From there the game was pretty damn bloody. By turn 5 he was down to just eldrad hiding safely in a ruin, his wraithknight, and a unit of dire avengers, whereas I was left with A drone commander, my warlord drone commander, and a single double fusion crisis suit. The game was decided when he sniped out my warlord with his wraithknight to secure victory w/ slay the warlord. A rematch is definitely needed.

Thoughts after the first two games:
Invisibility is pretty gross, tough to deal with, especially when combined w/ shrouding.
My tau seem to have fared the transition to 7th pretty well. Having 5 units that deep strike can be extremely handy for claiming Tactical objectives through the game.
On the topic of tactical objectives, I really like this change. It completely changes the feel of 40k and makes the game feel a lot more dynamic and fun. I can definitely see it being a little on the unbalanced side, but it should be relatively easy to clean up for tournament use.

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