Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Game 8: Rematchish

Aaron challenged me to a rematch last thursday, we decided to play a classic mission since the upcoming feast of blades qualifier will most likely be using them. Here is the run down: 

Game 8: Farsight vs. Sisters good stuff
Opponent: Aaron C.  
My list: Farsight Drone List -3 gun drones -velocity trackers on riptides -5 marker drones + Skyray w/ sensor spines + Commander w/ double plasma, Shield Warscaper Drone
His list: Sisters, same as the last time I think (Had two exorcists that I forgot to mention last time) 
Mission: Crusade
Notes on the game: This was an odd game. Things started off really bad for me with him scoring first blood and slay the warlord with the first shot(s) of the game w/ his exorcist. After that though I was able to turn things around and slowly chip away at him. I decided to reserve all of my suits and only deploy the marker squad, the skyray, and the riptides. I think this is going to be the key to winning with my list. I was able to keep him spread out and play a shock and awe style game (Hit him so hard that he can't retaliate) While keeping mobile and out of reach. I realize that my list is actually a little worse in Maelstrom missions than classic missions, my units lack the durability to stay out in the open to claim objectives so I often end up sacrificing units too quickly in maelstrom games. However, in this game I didn't have to worry about that and I was able to kite his units around much more effectively. This way I was able to just harass him and win the attrition game for once. (Usually I seem to struggle when it comes to attrition) We called the game when it went on past turn 5 because he wasn't going to be able to turn it around past that point.

I will point out that we made a play mistake that neither of us caught until later on that may have changed the outcome of the game substantially: He forgot/didn't know that move through cover effected charges and so didn't take it into account and failed a charge that he otherwise would have passed when his knight charged one of my riptides.

Anyway, as it stands the game was a win, the new WLD is:

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