Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Game 7: The Iron Curtain

Decided to go down to the Haven for a pick up game against Brandon today. Was a fun one where I got to play a list similar to my usual Necron list, check it out:

Game 7: Farsight vs. Necron Iron Curtain 1500 points
Opponent: Brandon C. 
My list: Farsight Drone List -3 gun drones -velocity trackers on riptides -5 marker drones + Skyray w/ sensor spines + Commander w/ double plasma, Shield Warscaper Drone
His list: Sisters: Necron Iron Curtain: Commander in Command barge w/ scythe, mss, Phase shifter, orb. 2 units of 9 warriors led by harbinger of destruction each in a ghost ark, 5 deathmarks led by a harbinger of despair in a nightscythe, An annihilation barge, a doomsday ark, and a monolith
Mission: Spoils of War
Notes on the game: This was a cool game for me. My main 40k army is Iron Curtain Necrons (a wraith star led by a destroyer lord, 3 ghost arks full of warriors, 3 annihilation barges) So it was nice to play against something similar especially since I haven't played my Necrons since 7th dropped.

Anyway, the game got off to a slow start for me and he got off to a head start, at one point leading the game by 6 points. His overlord tied up one of my riptides for most the game and the other one did some work but usually whiffed pretty hard for most of the game. The first half of the game was pretty low impact and first blood wasn't scored until the third turn. We ended up going to turn 6 I needed to score 4 points to tie the game and 5 points to win. Things were looking grim, until I rolled my objectives: 25, 34, and 14. He had objective 15 up too. The majority of my army was nearby those two objective markers and I was able to clear him off and score all 4 while getting line breaker. It was super close but I managed to pull it out.

A major lynchpin in the game was the Catacomb Command Barge, That thing is pretty nasty, he was able to mindshackle my riptide to prevent him from smashing it while his overlord proceeded to chip away at my riptide. I killed the command barge 3 times and it got up every time. Finally Brandon made a close shot with his monolith which just so happened to scatter and destroy the command barge, which then failed it's everliving roll.

I'm starting to refine my list a little bit, I don't think I will maintain this iteration for long. The Skyray did some decent work, it became a low priority target after it blew it's load, which allowed it to just kinda chill in the back field and play support.

The plasma commander attached to the two man plasma squad and they also managed to clean up a warrior squad. I'm not sure If I am going to keep them or not, it's a very expensive unit for what it does. Time will tell though.

Game result: Win

WLD: 4-3-0

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