Saturday, June 14, 2014

Game 6: Sisters inbound

Game 5: Farsight vs. Sisters w/ extras, 1500 points
Opponent: Aaron
My list: Farsight Drone List
His list: Sisters: 4 meltas +Combi-melta outflanking in an immolator w/ twinlinked melta, Celestine leading a unit of Seraphim, 2 5-girl sisters squads in rhinos w/ flamers, Knight titan (the one with melta cannon), Avenger Strike fighter
Mission: Tactical Escalation
Notes on the game: This was a tough game for me. I took a gamble with the deployment of my Man-o-war stalkers and deployed them forward out of cover but had first turn so they were going to move into cover in a forward position... Unfortunately he seized, allowing him to open up on them first turn and score first blood. I did fight back for most of the game and we were neck and neck for most of it, but I simply lost the war of attrition so he had more scoring units on the table towards the end of the game allowing him to claim more of the all important late game objectives. Both of my riptides survived, but one was tied up in combat with celestine. and you can only do so much with a single riptide jumping around. I called the game after we rolled for it to continue past 5. I drew a hand of objectives I couldn't achieve and I could only discard so many, meanwhile he kept drawing objectives that allowed him to inch his way to vicory. Final score was something like 9 to 12.


WLD: 3-3-0

I think it's time I start playing with my list a little bit and see if I can improve it, we will see... 

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