Monday, August 13, 2012

List update: 1250 Mechrons Efficiency

There is a 1250pt tournament coming up next weekend at one of our local shops, Merlyns. In preperation for this tournament I'm going to get a couple games in over the next week to test the waters for this event but I am feeling pretty confident that this list is going to be the one I am going to be bringing to the tournament... 

Necrons 1248
HQ: 160
Destroyer Lord: 160
-Sempiternal Weave, Mindshackle Scarabs

TROOPs: 608
(2x) 8 Warriors: 219ea (438)
-Ghost Ark

10 Tesla Immortals: 170

FAST: 210
5x Wraiths: 210
-3 Whipcoils
-Particle caster

HEAVY: 270
(3x) Annihilation Barge: 90ea (270)

I really really like this list for a few reasons. First off we have the Wraithstar led by destroyer lord, this is my go to unit it works as a great counter-deathstar unit against enemies that go that route, otherwise it is a quite functional deathstar in an of itself, not to mention it can out maneuver most deathstars so more often that not its the unit getting the charge off. Next we have the Annihilation barges, they are the given in almost all of my Necron lists, the only time I ever really planning on playing less than three is if I want to bring Doomscythes, which won't be often. As for troops I have two units of 8 warriors in arks, arks of course needing a fairly large anti-tank commitment in order to get off the board more often than not. A finally rounding out the list is the unit of Tesla Immortals, these guys are fairly solid troops, nothing too flashy, they are here more to make sure that I have enough troops on the board than anything, they also work as fairly decent anti-air in a pinch. 

I feel the strength of this list lies in the vehicles, 5 av13 vehicles with 5+ saves are tough for most lists at 1250, especially in my local metagame. Right now fliers are everywhere and most people have shifted their lists away from melta and missiles and more towards plasma and auto-cannons, which conveniently enough means the weapons I fear most have been traded out for weapons that most of the time I can ignore. But really what the list comes down to is a fairly points efficient machine that has only one really soft target (the immortals) which isn't really that soft. Even if my opponent manages to get the jump on me and take first turn I should be able to claim first blood just through the sheer toughness of my models. 

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