Monday, August 13, 2012

Game Report 20: Making Ben Sad

Today I got  in another game against Ben, he's my go to guy if I want to fit in a quick game on a sunday. Before this game we were sitting at a 1-1-1 WLD ratio so this was the tie breaker since we've been tied up the middle. There is a 1250 point tournament coming up next week so we decided that today will be a practice game to test our lists for that tournament. Anyway stay tuned to see how it all turned out.

Opponent: Ben Witt (Gaurdian)
His list: Mechron Hybrid: Imotekh, Lord w/ orb, two units of warriors in arks, 3 tomb blades. Two Doom Scythes, 5 Deathmarks. 
Mission: Relic, Dawn of War deployment
Highlights: The game started out pretty quickly, he got first turn and decided to play defensively, keeping his arks relatively back in order to keep me from double tapping him/ negating the benefit of nightfighting against him during my turn. I happily took the role of the aggressor and moved almost everything of mine forward and spreading out in preparation for the Doomscythes. I claimed first blood by taking out his tomb blades but did little else with shooting my first turn. Both of his scythes came in on turn 2 and he managed to take out both a ghost ark and an annihilation barge, as well as reducing another annihilation barge to 1 hp with his shooting. I downed one scythe in return and the wraiths moved up, the destroyer lord disconnecting in order to allow me to do extra damage in the assault. I managed to down one of the arks, allowing my wraiths to assault into imotekh's unit while the destroyer lord assaulted and took out the other ark. His turn three he used the deathmarks/ the other warrior squad to shoot down the destroyer lord. He managed to stand back up luckily, meanwhile the wraiths kept imotekh's unit well tied up although with little progress. Turn 3 saw me bringing down the other doomscythe, taking out the deathmarks with the Destroyer lord and dealing some minor damage to the open warrior unit. From there the game played out pretty quickly, with only his two warrior units left, one of which was tied up by the wraiths for the remainder of the game, the other picked away handily from the combined firepower of my annihilation barges and tesla immortals. The destroyer lord moved into combat to see if I couldn't dispatch Imotekh and table Ben. Since we knew the game was pretty much in the bag we decided to just keep playing out the Imotekh/ Destroyer lord fight to see if it could come to a head. We kept the fight going for another 8 rounds or so as Imotekh and the Destroyer lord kept killing eachother and then standing back up to fight for more. Eventually Imotekh took out both the D.Lord then the wraiths but that was about turn 9 or so. 
MVP Moment: I took a risky move early on in the game when I charged into the deathmarks with my destroyer lord, he was down to one wound and was marked by the deathmarks so there was a pretty good chance they were gonna kill him. Ben made a point of making the roll very exciting even yelling "Dodge this!" as he rolled his overwatch (and systematically requesting that I mention this event in my report) The destroyer was forced to make a couple saves in the result but luckily none of them were rends and he managed to sweep the squad regardless. This made Ben very sad, which he also wanted me to mention in my report. 
Result: Solid Victory, WLD record: 12-6-2.
VS Ben WLD: 2-1-1 (Still need another win in order to be able to claim true victory)

After the game we discussed Ben's list and concluded he needed to make a few tweaks in order to bring it up to reach its true potential. I look forward to facing him again in next weeks tournament. (Assuming we get paired up against eachother again) 

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