Friday, August 24, 2012

Game Report 23: The Nommening

Today I got a chance to try out my new double wraithstar list against my good friend Rachel's Tyranids. She is always a ton of fun to play against and at the risk of sounding stereotypical, an amazing painter. Keep reading to see how it all played out... 

Opponent: Rachel Locke (Emerald Rose Widow)
Her list: Tyranid Nomforce: Flyrant, Tervigon with all the gubbins, 6 deathspitter warriors w/ 1 barbed strangler, 30 hormagaunts with toxin sacs, doom in a pod, 3 zoanthropes in a pod, 3 hive guard, 2 trygons with Regen
Mission: Purge the Alien, Hammer and Anvil deployment
Highlights: Rachel's dice hated her from the get go on this game, the very first die roll of the game was her rolling only a 5 for her gaunt spawning, which happened to neuter her tervigon, her shooting for her first turn also failed to even wound a single model. The very first die roll I made for the game was shooting an Annihilation barge at her Flyrant in hopes of grounding it so I could charge into it with my wraithstar, that didn't happen... Instead I managed 3 hits, followed by 3 wounds (needing 5s due to iron arm) 3 failed armour saves, and finally a failed grounding test that resulted in a dead flyrant. For some reason flyrants have a tendency to die gloriously against me... Turn two saw her zoanthropes and doom hopped in and shot up both wraith squads fairly good, none of the wraiths died but most of them were down to one wound thanks to look out sir! shenanigans. My turn saw me killing the 5-man gaunt squad and the doom with shooting, followed by the Tervigon and the zoanthropes dying to wraithstar assaults. Both of her Trygons and her 30 bug Hormagaunt squads made it into combat with my wraithstars on turn 3, I managed to kill one Trygon and get the other down to one wound in the resulting combats but lost one of my wraithstars in the process. I dealt some dakka out on my turn, killing two of the Hive guards and wounding some warriors. Unfortunately we had to call the game early since we spent so much time screwing around and socializing with the other people playing at the Haven and I had to leave for work, the game ended with me up a few victory points and her being a turn out of charge range with her units, having to face all of my shooting units except an Annihilation barge before she got there it was pretty clear that if things went on she would be fighting an uphill battle. 
MVP Moment: The downing of the Flyrant turn one was a huge swing in my favor, and resulted in the following face from Rachel:
She was not amused
Result: Short game victory, WLD record: 13-8-2.

I always enjoy games against Rachel even if we always seem to go to time, I hope to play her at the tournament this weekend! Speaking of which expect my Tournament report Saturday Night/ Sunday afternoon, we should have a really good turnout for it. The Gamer's Haven sold 147 6th edition rule books, which is the highest of any store without an online market in the entire United States, which is pretty damn awesome. They can definitely bring the numbers!

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