Saturday, September 15, 2012

Game Reports 27-29

Last week there was a tournament at Merlyn's I was in attendance and didn't do quite as well as I hoped I would... Here's how it all played out...

Game 27
Opponent: Jay Prickett
My list: Double Wraithstar redux: Add unit of 5 gauss immortals, bastion w/ quad-gun, beef out the warrior squads in the arks to 10 man, drop the nightscythe. 
His list: Double Wraithstar: He sprang for orbs on both of his destroyer lords and an arrow on one. Ran 6 man units of wraiths, 2 units of 6 warriors in scythes, one unit of 6 immortals in a scythe, and one unit of 5 immortals on foot. 1 annihilation barge, 2 doom scythes, and an aegis line with comms relay. 
Mission: Big guns never tire, dawn of war deployment. Modified: if you end a player turn holding an uncontested objective you count as holding it even if you move away until an enemy seizes it for themselves
Highlights: This was a quick and dirty game, we spent the early turns dancing our wraiths around eachother to avoid giving the other person the charge. Eventually I sacrificed a unit of immortals to get his wraiths where I wanted them so I could take them out with mine. All the while I was sneaking around and sniping off wraiths from his unit denying his destroyer lord the chance to tank. I think the deciding factor to this game was that I am a fair bit more experienced with wraiths than my opponent. I claimed my back field objectives early and moved my annihilation barges to his back lines and claimed his backfield objectives too, requiring that if he had any chance of winning he would have to split his forces amongst the two fronts. He could have done it but it certainly would have been an uphill battle with time not on his side. We called it early, my victory. 
MVP Moment: I committed early on to cripple his wraiths and I made sure and positioned myself properly to snipe around the destroyer lord. I cleared out all of the wraiths of one unit with shooting and was able to bait his other unit it with my immortals allowing me to get a countercharge with my wraiths. With both of his units wiped out and mine still up I then had the upper hand and was going to be able to do some serious damage to the remainder of his forces with little on his end that he could do to stop me.
Result: Decisive victory, WLD record: 17-8-2.

Game 28
Opponent: Jason Peterson
My list: Double Wraithstar redux: Add unit of 5 gauss immortals, bastion w/ quad-gun, beef out the warrior squads in the arks to 10 man, drop the nightscythe. 
His list: Imperial Gaurd with GK allies: My memory of his list is kinda fuzzy, I know there was a gk librarian, a strike squad, a psyfleman, 2 griffons, 3 hydras, 3 vendettas, an aegis line w/ quadgun, and vet squads in the vendettas. 
Mission: WTF?!?!: Relic, wtf deployment. The table is split into four diagonal quadrants, you roll a d6 for each of your units to determine which quadrant it will deploy in. on a 5-6 you choose your quadrant. There is no limitations on how close you can deploy away from enemy models in the mission. Finally no model can assualt during the first game turn. 
Highlights: I don't know what Steve was thinking with this mission... It is by far the most unbalanced mission I have ever played. one of my wraithwings began the game an inch away from his motercade, the other began the game in posession of the relic due to my warlord getting the scoring trait. I was so mentally off put by the mission I was not playing well at all however. He seized and was able to alpha strike the wraithstar next to his motorcade into oblivion before they could charge. I deployed all of my units towards the middle of the board in an attempt to keep him away from the relic... not thinking about the fact that it allowed to focus his entire army on pushing towards the middle and cutting me down, while I was completely surrounded. and had difficulty getting the fuck out of there. The deployment was so time consuming that we only ended up making it to turn 3 with him getting first blood both of us getting slay the warlord and line breaker and no one claiming the objective since he killed my destroyer lord. 
MVP Moment: His last shot of his last turn destroyed my Ghost ark, if he had not then I would have been in position to swoop in and claim the relic last second with the warriors that were inside, winning the game.
Result: WTF loss, WLD record: 17-9-2.

Game 29
Opponent: Alex
My list: Double Wraithstar redux: Add unit of 5 gauss immortals, bastion w/ quad-gun, beef out the warrior squads in the arks to 10 man, drop the nightscythe. 
His list: Space wolves w/ Space marine allies: 2 units of longfangs, wolf lord, wolf priest, and captain leading a thunderwolf squad. 2 units of space marine bikes two units of grey hunters in drop pods. 
Mission: 3 objectives, hammer and anvil deployment. 
Highlights: Very simple mission, game started in my favor I had two objectives in my deployment zone to his one. He dropped in the grey hunters right in front of my two annihilation barges, tesla immortals, and wraithstar. I obliterated one, and destroyed most of the other. His bike squads also helped him run up my flank and took out an annihilation barge. I commited half my firepower towards taking down his thunderstar, killing all but his warlord. For some reason this game just flew by and we didn't get a time warning. I was unprepared for the game to end and since he went second he was able to claim my objective on turn three without me being able to stop him. He won uncontested despite the fact if the game had gone to full turn I would have easily destroyed most if not all of his army. 
MVP Moment: Time getting called in his turn without a time warning before hand allowed him to easily skate to victory.
Result: WTF loss, WLD record: 17-10-2.

End of the day... The tournament didn't go anywhere near the way I had hoped it would. 1 win to  2 losses. Oh well... It's not a huge deal, There is a doubles tournament at Gamer's Haven next weekend that I am really looking forward to. I'll have a list posted up between then and now, and another game report before too long as well (I've already played the game, just need to write up the report). Anyway thats it for now, stay tuned for more. 

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